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Company Overview

For 32 years (since 1980), our Nashville, Tennessee based firm has provided our clients through¬out the United States with the highest quality personal and real property tax expertise and assistance.

The professionals at The Aegis Group are a highly skilled and experienced team of tax specialists whose focus is directed toward supplying the most efficient, cost-effective tax compliance and management systems to a broad spectrum of business enterprises. We provide real and personal property valuation analyses, property tax consulting, and litigation support to our clients in order to minimize their tax obligations.

The statutes which dictate assessment dates, filing procedures, audit practices, valuation levels, tax rates, etc., vary dramatically among taxing jurisdictions and present a host of problematic issues to entities not actively engaged in the daily processing of this data. As of 2012, Aegis represented clients’ tax responsibilities in 47 states and 97 of the top 100 Metropolitan Statistical Areas (MSA) in the United States. In 2011, Aegis filed approximately 8,000 business personal property tax returns on behalf of our clients. Precisely because of this experience, the specialists at The Aegis Group may be of assistance to you. The following is a list of the support services available.

  • Analyses of property tax obligations and compliance requisites.
  • Preparation and filing of the necessary renditions and returns determining tax responsibilities. Analyzing company records in order to properly classify taxable property and transactions and to identify items which are tax exempt.
  • Negotiations with the proper governmental officials, including the compilation of documentation for real estate and personal property assets, necessary to ensure equitable assessments and MAXIMUM TAX DOLLAR SAVINGS.
  • Identification and implementation of tax exemption and abatement opportunities pertinent to capital asset and inventory investments.
  • Lease analysis, monitoring, reconciliation, and rectifying passthrough tax billings from land¬lords and lessors.
  • Development of custom annual tax management reports for each real and personal property account designed with sensitivity to clients’ specific needs ensuring timely payment of all obligations while concurrently pointing to all discount opportunities.
  • Projections of tax liabilities and assessments for budget and tax accrual purposes.
  • Audit support and defense of personal property returns.
  • Consultation and advice pertinent to the real property and personal tax climates in various communities where expansion and/or acquisition plans are being considered.
  • Third-party tax payment confirmation.

The Aegis Group has effectively negotiated valuations throughout North America. Our client list ranges from single-asset entities to Fortune 500 Companies. The longevity of many of our client relationships is indicative of our service and stability of the organization. The types of properties for which we provide expertise include the following:


Office Buildings
Retail & Commercial Properties
Manufacturing & Industrial Facilities
Hospital & Medical Facilities
Hotels & Motels
Trucking & Warehouse Facilities
Multi-Family Complexes
Theater and Entertainment Facilities
Retirement Communities
Insurance & Banking Institutions


Machinery & Equipment
Office Furniture, Fixtures & Equipment
Manufacturing & Industrial Property
Medical & Diagnostic Equipment
Computers & Other Information Technology
Rolling Stock
Insurance & Banking Institutions
All Types of Inventory

We are not just another consulting firm, but instead specialize in fulfilling the unique and specific needs of our clients. We are always available to visit with you, answer your questions, and solve your tax and audit problems. Simply contact us and we will meet with you at your convenience.

Our Property Expertise

Office Buildings

Retail & Commercial Properties

Manufacturing & Industrial Facilities

Medical Facilities

Multi-Family Complexes

Theatre & Entertainment Facilities

Senior Housing

Insurance & Banking Institutions